Appearance and Content

Ok, I’ve got a few posts up here now, and when I check out the blog to see how it looks, I’m struck by how … blah it is.

No visual punch. No pictures. Not much style.

When I’m reading a book I don’t really care much about how it looks. A clear, easy-to-read typeface and good line and paragraph spacings and I’m happy. I’m much more concerned with what the contents are.

This is different from how I approach software design. For software I go for the user interface as early as possible, since how it looks and acts makes a big difference in how well it is received by the end user.

Regardless of what the software does, in most cases.

For this blog I’m thinking I will go back later and edit posts to add pictures and maybe some fancy formatting, but I haven’t made up my mind yet. I have to keep in mind that a major goal is to get used to writing a couple thousand words every day, and that won’t happen if I’m spending much time editing stuff I wrote days or months ago.

How important do you think the appearance of a blog is?


About Kurt Schweitzer

A former vampire logistics facilitator, past purveyor of Italian-style transportation, and Y2K disaster preventer, I'm currently creating websites, novels and other fictions while reinventing myself. Again.
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