A Quick Character Generator

Do you ever feel the need for character to use in a scene, but are coming up blank on what that character should be like? Or maybe you just want to flex your literary muscles and need a seed to practice developing a character around?

Have I got the solution for you!

Check out the Seventh Sanctum Quick Character Generator. It churns out one-line character descriptions for you to flesh out. Examples:

The pragmatic peasant who lost meaning in life.
The sickly, friendly shaman who loves animals.
The hateful beastmaster.
The unconfident, unethical monk.
The rat-catcher coping with mental illness.
The agile witch-hunter.
The hypocritical elementalist haunted by flashbacks.
The acrobatic, industrious, whiny gladiator with a lot of friends.
The beastmaster with a peculiar lack of magical talent.
The healthy, patronizing princess who belongs to a secret organization.

The above were created with the generator set to “Fantasy: Specific”. It also has several settings for anime, role playing games, science fiction, and several “general” groups. You can have it create from one to 50 descriptions at a crack. I tend to go for ten to 20, and then pick and choose from its suggestions. For example:

The unathletic, serious circuit priestess.

From this line I sketched out Dursilla below, and then put her into a vignette as follows:

Drusilla is a circuit priestess (similar to a circuit preacher who officiates at multiple churches in an area, thus covering a “circuit”), banished from her position in the abbey’s library after discovering some information embarrassing to the Abbot. After five years among the musty old tomes she’s not used to spending so much time out in the weather, but her sense of duty to her Church is strong, so rather than complaining she’s serving her penance.

Drusilla sighed as the village came into view. Even from here she could see the crowd waiting for her to hand out blessings, pass on pronouncements, and otherwise represent the Church out here in the sticks. All she wanted to do was get off this horse, get something to eat, and perhaps read a few pages before hitting the sack. She’d really like a bath, but that was sure to be impossible out here in the land of mud and manure. Oh well!

She adjusted the hood of her traveling cloak, making sure that her long blond hair was completely covered. It wouldn’t do to arrive with bits of straw and dung swinging from her hair! It was bad enough that her “priestly paunch” revealed that priests and priestesses did little physical labor yet tended to eat better than the flocks they tended. This thought brought out yet another sigh.

Think this is something you can use?


About Kurt Schweitzer

A former vampire logistics facilitator, past purveyor of Italian-style transportation, and Y2K disaster preventer, I'm currently creating websites, novels and other fictions while reinventing myself. Again.
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