Richard Grayson

Richard (never Dick!) Grayson is a reclusive landlord, owning a significant amount of the commercial property within the city. His holdings mean that he never has to work, but he is a very hands-on landlord, managing his storage business personally and preferring to collect rents from his business tenants in person. No management company for him!

His appearance is that of someone who recently lost his home through foreclosure. He is tall and gangly, usually sporting three or four days worth of beard. His jeans are worn and unwashed, but without holes or tears. In summer he wears Birkenstocks, Timberlines in winter. His shirt is a dirty button-down plaid. His winter jacket is a dingy yellow parka with a fir trimmed hood, reminiscent of Nanook of the North.

He wears large sunglasses over his slate grey eyes. Indoors he hangs them on the neck of his shirt. His hair is salt-and-pepper grey of medium length, with evidence of his fingers occasionally breaking up the clumps.

His constant companions are two Scots Terriers, Max and Min. He usually leaves them in the car when he visits one of his properties. He drives a dull grey Volvo sedan with nose prints from the dogs all over the windows.

His dogs are his life. Where he is frequently unwashed, they are well groomed and well fed, but not fat. They get exercise running through the old factory building he has converted to storage units, charging up and down the stairs until they are exhausted and flop down in the large dog beds he keeps in his ratty office. They are extremely loyal and obedient to him.

He is frugal to a fault, sometimes taking years to make repairs that he doesn’t think are “necessary”, but always pays his bills promptly and never with a credit card. He can be very unforgiving of late payments, yet he is also generous to those he likes. Most people he encounters consider him an asshole, a necessary evil that must be dealt with due to his extensive holdings. He has many acquaintances but few friends and none so close to him as his dogs.

Now that you’ve met Richard Grayson, how would you use him in a scene?


About Kurt Schweitzer

A former vampire logistics facilitator, past purveyor of Italian-style transportation, and Y2K disaster preventer, I'm currently creating websites, novels and other fictions while reinventing myself. Again.
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