The Printed Word

I have a strong affinity for the printed word. I like reading words on paper, far better than reading anything on a screen, so one of the goals I had for my Framework Story Planner was to be able to produce printed (or at least printable) output.

I think I’ve succeeded.

The Framework Story Planner is capable of producing PDF files in several different formats. From the Character screens you can print character charts, which include everything entered via the character chart screen, including a large format picture of the character.

You have three different options from the story overview screen. You can print just the story overview itself (which includes the character overviews and character synopses, as well as the scene list), just the character charts (which include the character overviews and synopses for this story as well as the character charts printed above), or a combination of both the overview and the character charts.

The PDF files so produced can then be saved, printed, or imported into another editor such as Word or Scrivener for subsequent editing. It’s up to you.

What do you think? Are these options sufficient? What do you think you’ll be doing with this output? Is there anything else I should be including?


About Kurt Schweitzer

A former vampire logistics facilitator, past purveyor of Italian-style transportation, and Y2K disaster preventer, I'm currently creating websites, novels and other fictions while reinventing myself. Again.
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