Minions to the Rescue!

“It started out quite simply, as complex things can do; A set of sad transparencies till no one could see through.” – Don McClean, Pride Parade.

It’s the little things – getting home a little late so you lose a little writing time. Your head is buzzing with the latest problem at work, or in your relationship, or whatever, so you lose a little more trying to clear your head. Or your relationship takes a turn for the BETTER, so all you can think of is them. And when you do get home you’re tired. Perhaps happy-tired, perhaps worried-tired, perhaps just drained.

You don’t write.

Life happens the next day, as life will do, and at the end of the day writing gets shoved further down the priority pile. And again …

You don’t write.

Maybe the next day things go smoothly, and when it comes time to write there’s nothing standing in your way. Then you look at your writing journal (or however you keep track of what you’ve written) and you realize it’s been days since you last wrote. Weeks, maybe. Guilt hits you hard, knocking the Muse completely out of your head.

You can’t write.

So the next day you resolve to call up your Muse and persuade her to come back. You ply her with sweet treats, and mood music, and elaborate drinks – coffee, tea, wine – whatever’s her favorite. But in spite of the inviting writing nest you’ve built, she stays away.

You can’t write.

The next day Guilt invites her BFF Despair over for the evening, and together the two of them take turns beating up on you, to the point your Ego goes to bed bruised and battered and has you kicking your covers all night.

You can’t write.

Finally you wise up and talk to one of your writing minions, those who actually appreciate the work you’ve done and understand the trials you’re putting yourself through. Those minions talk to one another, and to you, and together you develop a Plan. Start out by banishing Guilt – send her packing, now! – for your minions know how fickle Muse can be. If you can’t bribe Muse back with treats, perhaps you can stimulate her with a party of ideas. Your minions start bouncing them off the walls and each other, and all the inspiration brings her back.

But what about Despair? She’s still holding Ego hostage, whispering that your Muse may be back but your writing has gotten rusty from disuse.

You’re afraid to write.

Minions to the rescue once again. “Write!” they demand. “There’s only one way to knock the rust off – write!” They wheedle and cajole until, finally, painfully, …

You write.

It’s a start.

They say it takes 21 days of doing something every day to develop a habit. Unfortunately habits are much easier to break than to make. You want to be a writer? There’s only one answer:



About Kurt Schweitzer

A former vampire logistics facilitator, past purveyor of Italian-style transportation, and Y2K disaster preventer, I'm currently creating websites, novels and other fictions while reinventing myself. Again.
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